Here's a quick post that will no doubt further amuse those of my friends who take the mickey about my l33t OCD oranised-ness.

Right by the door to my room I've got a little three-storey office in-tray (in no way stolen from my office many years ago) which I use it as my 'drop box' when arriving in or departing from the flat. The three layers are used like so:

  1. Top layer: Stuff I take in and out every time; Wallet, keys, coins, camera, glasses, headphones, phone etc.
  2. Middle layer: Stuff I only take out occasionally; Boat key, library card, my Moo cards etc.
  3. Bottom layer: 'One offs' waiting to be taken somewhere else; E-tickets, presents for others, leftover Euros etc.

All part of the place for everything and everything in its place principle.

Let the mickey-taking commence...

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