Ever wondered about a good way to attach a couple of golf clubs to a bike when off to pitch & putt? No? Well, it's my blog, so tough. Get reading.

Having found strapping them to my back a bit awkward, and wanting better weight distribution, I dropped into a 'Loonie' (dollar) store and got some self-adhesive velcro.

Stick a couple of 25cm lengths back to back, and wrap round frame and clubs so it sticks to the back of itself (click pics to enlarge):

Ready for golfycling

Note the inner wrap of velcro attached to the frame to stop the whole assembly sliding back and forth:

Close up of one dollar's worth of solution

This only does 2 clubs of course, or maybe 4 at a push, but that's fine for the driving range or the pitch & putt - and I'll leave the strips in my bike toolkit too, because I bet they come in handy for other things at some point.

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