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Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Most people started their blogs years back. I know. I was there. I watched as people posted pictures of bad art, made insightful comments, had pointless arguments, made brilliant discoveries and so on: "All shades of humanity? I’d like you to meet the internet – please play nice." I've discerned patterns, honed my bull receptors, and generally got a bit older and wiser. I think now I could write a blog that's worthwhile.

And of course my own rampant ego demands it, but let's keep that between ourselves ok?

To kick off here's 5 things I'm not keen on in blogs:

  1. Huge long posts that stray regularly from the point. Get in, make your point, get out.
  2. Pointless links to other blogs ("John just said something cool over at..."), unless I'm constructively commenting it's just wasting the readers time.
  3. Memes - way better to go to some collaborative link engine like del.icio.us or Reddit.
  4. Personal stuff mixed in with the rest. This is meant to be interesting to everyone, not just my mates. Read my diary at hampson.org.uk if you like.
  5. Boring posts about the blog itself. Oh. Wait. Dammit...


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