If, like me, excess post offends you, both from an efficiency point of view, and an environmental one, give these 5 things a go:

  • Let’s start with the daddy: Sign up with the Mail Preference Service (http://www.mpsonline.org.uk/mpsr/). This is a list set up by the UK’s direct mailers ostensibly to avoid wasting cash delivering unsuitable direct mail, though more likely it was done to avoid increased regulation from government. Either way it’s legit, and should be your first point of call. While you’re there check out the telephone preference service too.
  • Return old inhabitant’s post. Print out a bunch of sheets of address labels saying something like “Addressee no longer known at this address. No forwarding information left. Return to sender” Slap them on everything that has someone else’s name on it that comes through the door, cross out your address and then pop them back into any postbox.
  • Get a “No circulars” sign. This will stop the more scrupulous of leafletters. Ebay or Google can sort you out with one of these for a few quid.
  • Opt out of the Royal Mail’s “Door to Door” service by emailing optout@royalmail.com for a form. Rather stupidly this also opts you out of official government information leaflets (not that I can recall the last time I had one of those), but if you just watch the news occasionally I’m sure you’ll survive.
  • Unsubscribe from BT phonebook (0800 833 400 > option 1 > option 1), Yellow Pages, Thompson Local and any other fat directories you get dropped on your doorstep annually. Online is invariably a better way to search for this stuff and you won’t have to clutter up a drawer with these massive tomes either.

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