I like GTD. I use my task list well, and review regularly. However occasionally I want to be reminded of a task in a very specific location, or at a very specific time.

Below are a list of examples, and the tactics I've developed to trigger a reminder.

  1. leave something on the floor by the front door to be reminded when you leave the house
  2. take a key off your keyring and leave it loose in your pocket/bag to be reminded when you get home or when you go to drive somewhere
  3. turn the alarm clock around, or put it on the floor to be reminded when you wake up
  4. take a digital photo of something odd or oddly mundane (a fork, finger, foot) to be reminded when you're in front of a computer (syncing the photos)
  5. slip something extra alongside your bookmark to be reminded when you have some spare time

In summary: Think of where you'd like to be reminded and change something in that location to be out of the ordinary.

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