Had a couple of nags for not posting enough here - time for a mini-post...

Something I've written about before, but it seems I just can't stop fiddling with my iTunes playlists.

My most recent addition is a "zz_filter" smart playlist (so named so as to appear out the way at the bottom alphabetically), which I use in combination with most other playlists to ensure that the following songs are not included in the final list:

  1. Songs under 30 seconds long
  2. Songs over 8 minutes long
  3. Songs of 2 stars or less
  4. Tracks from non-music genres, for example comedy and audiobook(which also includes 100 tracks used for programming my belkin fm transmitter gizmo.)

While I'm here I'd also recommend that, if you haven't done so for a year or two, you consider restoring your iPod to the factory defaults and re-syncing it. Mine was failing to sync, so I did this to fix that, but as a bonus I've found it's now docking and undocking quicker and is also quicker to navigate round the menus - it's like a new machine :-)

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