If you buy decent headphones they should come with a break half way down the cable. This means if you have a tiny mp3 player, and you can attach it within 50 cm of your ears, you can get away with half the cabling.

Here's a few places I've clipped my shuffle in order to manage this:

  1. On a necklace under a T-shirt
  2. Inside a rolled-up sleeve
  3. In a top or inner pocket
  4. On my collar (NB: This made me look like an idiot, but that was fine as I was cycling)
  5. On the headphones themselves, if you have big over-ear ones (NB: This also makes me look like an idiot - irrespective of circumstance, but it really works.)

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Tiny tip: When folding up an A4 printout or similar that you'll want to refer to later, fold it backwards first, so the front faces outward.

That way when you come back to it you won't have to open it to see what it is.

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