I think I watch too much tv.

I know it's a common complaint, and there's a lot of good programming out there that I shouldn't feel is wasted time. Nonetheless, I do somehow end up watching too many things that I can barely even remember afterwards. I'm looking at you Property Ladder.

So, I've worked up a short checklist of avoidance tactics, that (mostly) work for me:

  • Go out. Any excuse: For a walk, shopping, take some photos, read a book in the park. It doesn't matter. Leaving the flat will always raise my mood.
  • Focus. Don't surf the net while watching telly. This is a particular problem for me: I focus quite intently on one thing, flipping between stimuli - catching all of neither, and never quite relaxing and immersing myself in one. Put the laptop out of reach, or turn the telly off.
  • If it's late enough, go to bed - get more sleep and be in a fitter, happier and more productive mood the next day. If I'm not tired, 30 mins with a book does the trick.
  • Only watch programmes off the PVR, turning the decision to watch into a two-step one. This doesn't wholly work for me, as I still, after all this time, occasionally record crap. I'm still looking at you, Property Ladder.

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