Some time ago I posted about how I use customised email addresses when signing up for services so I can track who sells on my address to spamming third parties.

Well I've just had a rummage through my spam folder, and thought it would be fun to tell everyone which charlatans companies have done exactly that:

  1. emusic.com
  2. ticketweb.co.uk
  3. aquasolo.fr

I also get lots to my ebay.com, ebay.co.uk and paypal.co.uk addresses, but they probably got out to an unscrupulous seller while I was paying for stuff, or messaging back and forth - still worth knowing though.

Oh, and note that while I may well have failed to tick a 'don't sell my info box' somewhere along the line, the point is the resulting mail is the nasty 'diet casino enlarging meds' style pure spam - not responsible related companies.

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